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From this website, you will learn how to Generate Monthly Cash Income from your Stock Investments. (TPD) is a proactive subscription service. TPD continuously monitors over 375 high cash dividend yield stocks. Almost daily TPD subscribers are notified by email whenever one of these stocks declares a dividend. These emails contain the stock symbol, ex-dividend date, last share price, type of dividend/amount, payment date, frequency/dividend amount, yearly payout, current dividend yield, percent gain from 52-week low share price, 52-week low share price, and dividend amount/share price history for the past twelve (12) months.

There are 150 monthly payment and 225 quarterly payment publicly traded companies that pay at least 8.5% of their share price as a cash dividend during a calendar year. There are 38 monthly payment stocks that are paying at least 10% of their share price as a cash dividend during a calendar year. We use 8.5% because an increase in share price with the same dividend amount will reduce the dividend yield from 10%. A printable and/or downloadable listing in .txt format containing details for each of these stocks is available 24/365 to every TPD subscriber. TPD subscribers can currently receive up to 12 dividend checks per day. TPD subscribers may request a "Model Portfolio Calculator" which will use the monthly and/or quarterly payment stock listings to create a "lump-sum" investment portfolio of the highest yielding dividend stocks.

offers tax deductible thirty (30) day, monthly, or annual subscription terms with discounts to groups and/or investment clubs. Gift certificates are also available. Please contact our office.

Our mission: to show our clients how to produce cash from their stock investments each month, to provide a living income and future growth of their portfolios at rates that, when compounded, can produce truly remarkable accumulations of wealth.
Our experience is derived from three decades in the banking and securities industries. We know first hand the difficulty that all investors' face managing their finances in today's volatile markets.
This site is your doorway to a whole new world of compounding your earnings from stock investments. We provide detailed information on equity investments that produce high cash yield and unparalleled customer support - a combination that can not be beat. 
Because of our efforts, clients have been able to reach their financial objectives much earlier than anticipated. Your financial goals can be to improve your standard of living, provide for periods of unemployment/underemployment, or retire before age 65 with an income that provides a truly comfortable living. We provide you with the information that can catapult you to the realization of those dreams. 
Our clients no longer worry about fluctuations in the price of their stocks. Rather, they have learned how to ignore those fluctuations, and learn to earn stellar returns regardless of the direction of the market. In a world of "bulls" and "bears", our clients learn to be "cows" and milk consistent, high returns from their investments. 
Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, we have established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime.

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